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Intertek adds value wherever energy is being developed, helping clients deliver a secure, affordable, and clean energy future.

Whether it's day-to-day operations or long-term business improvement solutions, we help you achieve your goals in major energy sectors, including upstream oil and gas, refining and distribution, petrochemical, power generation, nuclear power, solar, biofuels, and wind.

Intertek’s global network of laboratories, offices and field services provide expertise supporting the world’s energy industries with a broad range of logistical, testing, inspection, certification and consulting expertise, helping clients run their operations efficiently and safely while protecting expensive assets, products, and infrastructure.

Intertek supports the manufacturers of energy generation and distribution equipment with testing and certification solutions for access to global markets. With skills and know-how in fossil fuel and renewable energy development, Intertek will partner with you from the design stage to implementation and beyond, providing expert consulting and professional services to mitigate risk, shorter lead time to market and a competitive edge with a comprehensive suite of testing, inspection and certification programs.

At any point along the energy value chain, Intertek improves the quality, safety and performance of products, processes and systems through a comprehensive array of technical services.

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