The safety of children’s products has been under increased scrutiny in recent years. A rise in product recalls and injuries caused by either design or manufacturing defects has resulted in new standards and regulations around the globe to help ensure the safety of children’s products.

These new standards and regulations are accompanied by stringent requirements for testing, supply chain accountability, traceability and record-keeping, which will burden manufacturers and importers who do not have a compliance solution in place.

As a solution to compliance with a number of regulations, Intertek developed iComply™, a user-friendly, web-based artificial intelligence application facilitating collaborative supply chain assembly of technical files. iComply™ is a simple solution built on sophisticated technology that takes a sequence of product-specific information entered by the importer or manufacturer, PRODUCES a production test plan, GENERATES necessary compliance declaration documents and STORES all documentation in a complete technical documentation file, all of which is available for easy access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The price of iComply™ is an annual license fee of $99 USD per year per account.

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iComply™ is a one-stop-shop solution that enables importers and finished product manufacturers to demonstrate due diligence and guides you through the compliance process for the following:

iComply™ provides a complete solution to your record-keeping and compliance needs.

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