Assessing Safety of Products under GPS Regulations Seminar

February 25th, 2015 - Leicester
October 29th, 2015 - Leicester
Prerequisites: none

Duration: Full Day

Cost: £170 + VAT

The General Product Safety Regulations were drawn up to ensure that products that are marketed or distributed within the EU and which are not covered by any other standards are safe under foreseeable conditions of use. These regulations were amended in October 2005 giving greater powers to enforcement authorities, including the ability to order a product recall. Obligations are placed on producers and distributors to inform the authorities once they become aware unsafe goods have been supplied. Risk assessment of products will need to be considered as an essential part of the product development process. Certain European standards will be given a special status so that compliance will provide a “presumption of conformity” with the general safety requirement.
The current legislation is currently under revision and an update will be given on the requirements and status of the new Consumer Product Safety Regulations which are expected to replace GPSR in 2015.
This seminar will provide an understanding of how the regulations work in the UK. A range of standards will be reviewed showing how enforcement officers use them. A simple but effective risk assessment process will be presented with worked examples.

In addition the following product categories will be reviewed with a view to their safety assessment:

  • Candles, tea lights and holders   
  • Stationery products  

Coffee & Refreshments
Introduction to the General Product Safety Regulations
Requirements of the GPSR
Common standards and regulations
Lunch (provided)
Harm, Hazard and Risk
Risk Assessment
Questions & Answers session
Tour of Laboratory            

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