Essentials of Cosmetic Safety & Regulations

February 4th, 2015 - Leicester
June 3rd, 2015 - Leicester
September 16th, 2015 - Leicester 

Prerequisites: none

Duration: Full Day

Cost: £170 + VAT

Cosmetic products are big business with an estimated worth in Europe of €67 billion (Euros). The primary requirement during the development of a cosmetic product should be to ensure the protection of the health of the user and this is the basis of the cosmetic legislation. This protection also enables increased consumer confi dence in your brand.

Knowledge, understanding and interpretation of the law governing the supply of cosmetic products can be complex. Help is available.

The first law governing the manufacture and marketing of safe cosmetic products was introduced in the European Union (EU) in 1976 in the form of a Directive (76/768/EEC). Each Member State transposed (interpreted) it into their own Regulation and numerous amendments have since been implemented.

From the 11th July 2013, the EU Directive was then replaced by the new Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 which now applies directly across all the EU Member States. The new regulation helped remove inconsistencies across the member states, introduced a singular notification process, confirmed the role of the Responsible Person and importantly brought in more strict requirements to the safety assessment. How prepared are you?
The morning session will examine the new EC Cosmetics Regulation with specific emphasis on what information is needed before a cosmetic product can be legally sold in the EU, what ingredients are regulated, the new notification system, the additional labelling requirements and identifying the new changes. Simple practical exercises will be used to illustrate relevant points.

In the afternoon session, an insight will be given into the processes involved in the cosmetic product safety assessment and how this relates to your relationship with your own suppliers. There will be a discussion of the type and quality of data / information that is now required and what you should ask from your supplier. The relationship between hazard, exposure and risk, and how these are expressed with regards to types of products will be considered. At Intertek, we aim to help prevent potential adverse consequences and provide a solution.

Arrival & Refreshments
Introduction to the EU Cosmetic Legislation
(Definitions, Controlled Ingredients, PIP, Labelling/PAO, Perfumes/Allergens)
Questions & Answers session
Lunch (provided)
Process of Cosmetic Safety Assessment (Risk, Hazard, Exposure, TRA, Assessors Role, Assessment Process, human trials)
Questions & Answers

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