Instant Life Cycle Assessment Software

Consumer goods manufacturers and retailers are increasingly looking to life cycle assessment (LCA) for insight into their products’ full life cycle to identify opportunities for reducing environmental impacts across the whole supply chain.

Intertek offers Instant LCA™ software to enable clients to easily, instantly and independently measure the environmental footprints of their products and communicate their impacts to relevant stakeholders.

Instant LCA™ software enables eco-design by allowing manufacturers to manipulate key parameters and compare results instantly to create the smallest possible environmental footprint. Users can generate a standard report with all parameters and results that can be used for internal or external communication, as well as to certify results. Instant LCA™ also enables data collection from supplier partners through an interactive module.

Intertek currently offers two Instant LCA™ tools:

Instant LCA Packaging™: is an innovative eco-design and eco-labeling tool, enabling non-experts to immediately evaluate the environmental impacts of their packaging. The first tool to use pre-integrated LCA models based on ISO standards and recognized LCA databases, it guarantees reliable results.

Instant LCA Textile™: an eco-design and eco-labeling solution, which can help you easily and instantly calculate the environmental footprint of your textile and fashion products and identify how to reduce their environmental impacts. This is the first tool to use pre-integrated LCA models to produce results which are compliant with LCA standards ( ISO 14040-44:2006, ISO 14067, WRI-GHG Product Life Cycle standard, PAS 2050, BPX30-323).  Instant LCA Textile™ is a user-friendly tool, developed by life cycle assessment experts, intended for non-experts users.

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