Intertek to Exhibit at the IADR General Session

At the 96th IADR/PER General Session & Exhibition. London, England - July 25-28, 2018, meet our experts in dental and in vitro oral care studies

The 96th General Session of the IADR, which will be held in conjunction with the IADR Pan European Regional Congress at the ExCeL London Convention Center. Our oral care and dental clinical study experts will also be providing an update on Intertek's oral care clinical studies and in vitro oral care laboratory services. Schedule an appointment today to discuss how Intertek CRS can support your research and development, regulatory and claim support needs.

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Using bioinstrumentation, imaging, bespoke design of active delivery models and sampling techniques, we conduct in-depth evaluations of oral malodour assessment, abrasivity, erosion and tissue loss, microhardness, stain removal and whitening, anti-plaque and anti-calculus, and cleaning evaluations of toothbrushes, interdental brushes, flosses and tapes. We also offer tissue preparation (e.g. human and bovine enamel or dentine), dental restoration materials, and artificial lesion preparation and bioanalytical solutions for clinical samples such as plaque, saliva or gingival crevicular fluid.We are ISO 9001 accredited and licensed by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) for storage of human tissue.

Intertek CRS has been a trusted partner of oral care product manufacturers for over 15 years and has become one of the world’s largest CROs for the provision of oral care product human trials. Studies on sensitivity, gingivitis, tooth whitening, stain removal, malodour, caries and oral tolerance are all regularly performed by our expert dental examiners and experienced clinical support staff.


Dr Peter Hall, Intertek CRS’ Laboratory Director, has 25 years of industry experience in Colloid, Formulation, Materials, Analytical and Behavioural Sciences. 

With experience of R&D Oral Care Project Management and expertise in oral Instrumentation and experimental design, he currently heads up Intertek’s team of scientists delivering a variety of in vitro methodologies for product evaluation and claim support, including enamel remineralisation, stain prevention/removal and chemical whitening. In addition to this, the Laboratory provides integrated analytical support for in-house clinical studies.

Dr Robert Maclure, Intertek CRS’  Medical Director has been with Intertek CRS since 2012 and acts as Principal Investigator, has been involved in a number of studies, including clinical trials of medicines and medical devices. He is also experienced in the use of digital imaging systems including the QLF-D system and also in the design and execution of 'in situ' enamel erosion studies. Prior to joining Intertek Robert has worked in both private and NHS dentistry.

Robert is trained and calibrated in the following indices:

- Modified Lobene Extrinsic Tooth Stain Index (Macpherson modification)
- Vita Shade (Classic and Bleached Guides)
- Gingival Margin Plaque Index of Harrap
- Modified Gingival Margin Plaque Index
- Modified Gingival Index of Lobene
- Gingival Bleeding Index of Ainamo and Bay
- Gingival Bleeding Index of Saxton and van der Ouderaa
- Gingival Index of Loe and Silness
- Lobene Modification of Quigley and Hein Plaque Index
- Modified Navy Index (Rustogi Modification)
- Dentinal Hypersensitivity, tactile (Yeaple Probe) and evaporative air (Schiff Assessment)

Nicola McCarthy is  Operations Director at Intertek CRS  and has more than 12 years experience in clinical trials including tolerance and efficacy studies on toothpastes, mouthwashes, toothbrushes, bleaching agents and chewing gum investigating  whitening efficacy, gum health, oral malodour, dentinal sensitivity, plaque, delivery of active ingredients to plaque. Nicky has overall responsibility for managing the recruitment and execution of all clinical trials including protocol development and submissions, data management, statistics and reporting.

The International Association for Dental Research (IADR), headquartered in Alexandria, Va. USA, is a nonprofit organization with nearly 11,000 members worldwide.

Its mission is to advance research and increase knowledge for the improvement of oral health worldwide; to support and represent the oral health research community, and to facilitate the communication and application of research findings.

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