Antiperspirant Consumer Trials

We offer expert antiperspirant efficacy trials and studies for consumers with state-of-the-art climatic chambers

Antiperspirant trials are required to evaluate the efficacy of antiperspirant formulations, providing screening and qualitative information which is the foundation for product safety, efficacy testing and claim substantiation.

Trials for antiperspirants demand expert protocol design, precise study implementation, efficient participant recruitment and experienced statistical analysis – all of which can present challenges to development costs, timelines and people resources.

Our antiperspirant testing clinical trials drive the insight you need during your product development programs, bolstering your knowledge about the product’s safety, efficacy and supporting claim substantiation so you can achieve a rapid and cost efficient market launch. 

Our antiperspirant  study experts have developed many protocols over the years to meet our clients’ need for bespoke testing and consumer trials.  We have significant experience with standard protocols for thermal stress, physical stress (exercise), emotional stress, Clearcast (Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC)) standard, United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Monograph or Single Sex Tests.

Our experts

For over 20 years our Clinical Research team has been at the forefront of antiperspirant testing  Our Principle Investigators design protocols and run studies. Our skin graders also have considerable experience with underarm studies.

Hot room and climatic chamber facilities

Our hot rooms or climatic chambers have computer-controlled environmental conditions, providing consistent temperatures and relative humidity to meet a variety of demanding protocol specifications.

Pre-Qualified Participant Recruitment

We have a strong participant recruitment resource and maintain one of Europe’s largest characterised databases of over 12,000 pre-qualified volunteers to facilitate prompt recruitment. Volunteers are characterised by a number of therapeutic areas such as skin type (based on the Fitzpatrick scale) and skin condition (e.g. dry skin). We can also select subjects based on habits and attitudes for use in home placement tests, central location use test, consumer use and preference studies and also research discussion groups.

Our mission is to provide antiperspirant clinical trial participants with excellent professional care, and provide our sponsors with the highest quality research services. With Intertek Clinical Research Services as your antiperspirant testing partner we can accelerate your product development through robust and credible trials offering Total Quality Assurance expertise. 

Need help or have a question? +44 (0) 151 347 4810

Need help or have a question?

+44 (0) 151 347 4810
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+44 (0) 151 347 4810