Industry Canada Certification for Radio and Broadcasting Equipment

Intertek offers fast turnaround and expert guidance on getting Industry Canada (IC) approvals for your products.

Intertek has been recognized by Industry Canada to certify equipment to Canadian radio communication and broadcasting requirements. Our IC registered EMC laboratories can test equipment to Radio Standards Specifications (RSS) and Interference-Causing Equipment Standard (ICES). From voice frequency to ISDN and T1 designs, Intertek can test a variety of equipment. We offer the same benefits as our FCC Part 68 program in the U.S. including design reviews, compliance testing, and the filing of all necessary paperwork with Industry Canada.

Industry Canada recognizes Canadian and foreign entities as Certification Bodies (CBs), under the terms of Mutual Recognition Agreements/Arrangements (MRAs), to certify products to Canadian regulatory requirements.

We offer:

  • Fast turnaround on reviewing and issuing Industry Canada certificates
  • Expert guidance on attaining certification for your products
  • Accreditation to test against a broad range of carrier, industry, and government safety compliance and performance criteria

Apply for Industry Canada Approval! We will begin reviewing your application within 24 hours of receipt.

Intertek’s IC Scope of Recognition

Radio Scope 1: Licence-exempt Radio Frequency Devices
Radio Scope 2: Licensed Personal Mobile Radio Services
Radio Scope 3: Licensed General Mobile and Fixed Radio Services
Radio Scope 4: Licensed Maritime and Aviation Radio Services
Radio Scope 5: Licensed Fixed Microwave Radio Services
Broadcasting – All BETS in the Category I Equipment Standards List.