Our Obligation of Safety

Many Roles, One Goal: Building Safety Together

Establishing a safe and healthful work environment requires everyone at Intertek to make safety and health a top priority – meaning no injuries, no incidents.

A Culture of Safety

Safety is not just an idea, it is a culture and at Intertek, our entire work force – from the CEO to the most recent hire – understands working injury and incident free is central to our mission and key to our success. Through a safe environment, we create the kind of productive, efficient, happy and inspiring workplace for both our employees and clients.

Our safety culture is based on caring and through demonstrating actions and a priority focus on working safe – 24/7/365. This requires each of our employees to care about their own safety, the safety of their co-workers, and the safety of everyone around them and to never take safety for granted.

We are proud of our safety success, but we know it is a continual effort to achieve our goal of zero injuries and incidents. The safety journey for “zero” never ends.

Injuries cannot be considered the cost of doing business and is not just a number or statistic to be managed. At Intertek, we remember why we work safely: because our actions have consequences for us an others. Safety is about people – real people we do not want harmed or injured – people with friends, families and loved ones who depend on them. Our single most important obligation is to send every employee to go home safe every day.

Our safety department works with our executives, management and employees to manage a comprehensive safety program with the goal of being injury and incident free. Among areas addressed are: radiation safety, medical surveillance, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR), office/vehicle/equipment safety and checklists, a safety hotline, OSHA & job/task specific training, and our Safety & Health Manual.

Training is key to our culture of safety. We have instituted online safety training as a standard way of doing business. We administer and require online safety training that delivers quality, accessible, standardized, and OSHA-compliant safety training.  New hires are required to complete safety training on the first day of employment, and employees are expected to complete their assigned safety training annually. Additionally, job-site and client-specific training, in-the-field job task training, and required monthly local office safety training meetings for all staff.

Our clients and project teammates expect us to do our part to make every project a safety success. This is an expectation and requirement we take very seriously.  Safety is our first and most important core value.


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