Building Better Together

Welcoming PSI and MT Group to the Intertek Family

In November of 2015, we proudly announced that Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) and MT Group were joining the Intertek family. Since the announcement, the three groups have been diligently working to unite into one cohesive organization that benefits our customers, our stakeholders, and the industries we collectively serve.

As the only firm to be able to offer customers product-related testing and certification capabilities, and project-related testing, inspection, and consulting services, our customers gain the advantage of working with a partner fully engrained in the construction process from code development to property design, construction, and maintenance that no other firm can provide

It is our commitment to find ways to leverage synergies, increase service offerings, and ultimately create a better customer experience. Combining the capabilities of the organizations, customers can gain access to domestic and global markets, ensure their projects are completed to specifications, and mitigate risk throughout all aspects of the built environment.

We look forward to working with our customers and industry partners to provide the most comprehensive solutions in the industry as we continue Building Better Together.


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