Phoenix Automotive Lab

Complete Testing Solutions from a Single Source

Lab Name: Intertek CECET

Lab Address:

430 S. 2nd Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Local Lab Phone: 1-480-525-5885

Short Description of Lab: The Phoenix office holds the special distinction of being part of Intertek’s “Center for the Evaluation of Clean Energy Technology” (also known as CECET), whose mission is to test and evaluate automotive technologies that contribute to the reduction of the consumption of petroleum. Due to the unique climate that Phoenix provides, the Automotive industry has identified it as a regional testing “hotbed” for numerous vehicle related validation activities. Intertek’s CECET lab has been testing advanced vehicle technology for over 25 years.

Services specific to the Phoenix CECET location are:

  • Full Vehicle Testing including real-world and test track mileage accumulation
  • Access to fleet operators and contracted drivers to allow for rapid mileage accumulation and real-world performance assessment
  • Multi-channel data logging capabilities with real-time data upload via LTE/4G/Wi-Fi networks
  • Battery pack cycling/testing

Primary Lab Capabilities:

  • Homologation Testing Services
  • Battery Testing
  • Vehicle Powertrain Component Testing
  • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Testing
  • Closed Track Vehicle Testing
  • Public Road Vehicle Testing
  • Laboratory Vehicle Testing

Lab Certifications: ISO 17025


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