SAE #2 Friction Testing

SAE No. 2 high speed friction test for clutch and fluid evaluations.

High speed SAE* #2 tests evaluate the frictional performance of a clutch and fluid combination while stopping a rotating mass. SAE #2 high speed friction test stands (3600 rpm), including a variable high/low speed stand (0-3600 rpm) and a variable low speed stand (0-300 rpm).

A test head installed on the motor output shaft holds the clutches. Some clutches attach to the motor shaft (rotating) and some attach to the test head (stationary). The motor rotates a flywheel, cuts off, then the clutch pack is applied through a pressure actuation system. The stopping event is recorded and analyzed to determine coefficients of friction (calculated from measured torque) at various points in the stopping event.

The low speed tests evaluate frictional performance of a clutch and fluid combination while rotating at a low speed. These tests were developed to evaluate continuously slipping clutches commonly found in late model transmission torque converters, and a fluid's tendency to cause torque converter shudder. Test heads can accommodate clutch plates, up to 6" in diameter, or band-over-drum clutches.

Standardized automatic transmission fluid evaluation tests supported:

  • DEXRON® Plate (high speed plate clutch)
  • DEXRON® Band (high speed band/drum clutch)
  • DEXRON® Low Speed Friction (low speed plate clutch)
  • MERCON® Clutch Friction Durability (high speed plate clutch)
  • MERCON® Anti-Shudder Durability (low speed plate clutch with high speed clutch/fluid aging)
  • Allison Graphite Friction (high speed plate clutch)
  • Allison Paper Friction (high speed plate clutch)
  • JASO M348 and T904 Friction

In addition to lubricant evaluation, the SAE No. 2 test stands can be configured to evaluate clutch material frictional characteristics. Tests can be customized through a combination of cycle time, number of cycles, clutch apply pressure, inertial load, and rotational speed.

*Society of Automotive Engineers


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