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Learn about Aware inspection management software conveniently online. These webinars are designed to provide you with information about the robust capabilities of our software and how it can improve your operation.

Enhancements to Mobile Aware!

Significant enhancements are continuously implemented within Mobile Aware, and it now supports all types of equipment and inspection types. This webinar includes enhancements for data and picklist validation, stream-lined synchronization, updating design info using Mobile Aware on a tablet, and other key features. For the full Mobile Aware demo, see previous recordings or contact the Aware Team for a demo.

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Aware for Combined Cycle Stations - New Aware Module

A new Aware module suited for Combined Cycle Stations delivers all the analytical benefits of the Aware HRSG, Piping, and Balance of Plant modules. This webcast includes discussion topics for leading Combined Cycle issues, mechanisms & detection methods, and a holistic approach to data collection and approaching using the new module. Mobile Aware for Tablets and Visual Aware with AutoCAD drawings are optional and may be added to your Aware for Combined Cycle module.

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Aware Version 16 New Features!

Aware Version 16 is now available! The latest upgrade includes significant enhancements suggested through feature requests. General enhancements include a new Text Search Widget, a filtering system by User Groups, and improved performance for Portal Widgets, risk calculations for multiple components and hierarchy transitions when nodes contain numerous child nodes.

Aware Version 16’s Mobile Aware for Tablets allows data to be optionally included in extracts, works with all activity types not just Visual Inspections, and allows populating Inspection Checklist values from Default Checklist values.

Aware for Boilers Version 16

The Aware Boiler module allows users to effortlessly document boiler tube failures and repairs. The Aware Home tab includes a collection of UT Widgets and data management tools. This demo provides a quick review of entering inspection data into Aware and reviewing upcoming inspections to ensure nothing is missed.

 Using the new Mobile Aware for Tablets Version 15

Significant enhancements have been made to Mobile Aware. Mobile Aware now supports all types of equipment and inspection types. During the webinar, we will explore streamlined synchronization, updating design information, entering different types of inspections, creating & using custom views for users, using smart pick lists, adding pictures and documents, and viewing inspection diagrams and custom documentation. Contact us for a trial installation this outage season!


Aware for ELOP – Equipment Life Optimization Program

The ELOP Aware module offers users the ability to project costs and add focus to maximizing equipment life. Our ELOP module allows you to look at all equipment or components as a cross-section or individually for risk ranking according to expectations of frequency and severity.  Each risk matrix will be unique to your organization. The Aware ELOP system provides tools for outage planning and risk-based inspection scheduling. Learn how to monitor your equipment through data management with Aware for ELOP.


Aware for Pulverizers

This recorded webcast provides a 30 minute demonstration of the Aware Pulverizer Module. It describes how the Aware Pulverizer module can be used to maintain and track information on coal fineness, coal piping, journal rebuilds, mill outages and mill overhauls. It shows how Aware can be used to plan and manage your inspection and overhaul activity. This webinar also highlights the benefits of using Mobile Aware with the Pulverizer module. Mobile Aware allows you to document the inspections on a tablet while out in the field making the process of data collection and entry much more efficient.


Aware for Pressure Vessels, Tanks, and Safety Valves

Aware’s Pressure Vessels module will allow you to calculate corrosion rates, component retirement dates and inspection due dates based on thickness data.  You may quickly identify the inspection schedule for all equipment and export the schedule to Excel or document inspections effectively and efficiently using Mobile Aware.


Piping Aware Version 15

The Aware Piping Module can be used quickly to determine an inspection work scope, create inspection templates for ease in uploading data, and immediate data synchronization between field work and data analytics using the Home tab dashboards. This webinar briefly highlights the benefits of using Mobile Aware with the Piping module.


Aware Version 15 New Features

Aware Version 15 is now available! This webcast demonstrates several features that have been added to the software over the past year. General enhancements include but are not limited to Auto-Numbering fields used to generate unique identifiers, Smart Pick-lists in the Web and Mobile Aware interface,  and PDF versions of drawings available for download.
Mobile Aware can now document any type of inspection on any equipment. You can now use Mobile Aware for more than Boiler, Piping and Hanger inspections. Mobile Aware can be used for Turbines, Pulverizers, Scrubbers, Pressure Vessels, and other modules. Design data for any equipment can now be documented using Mobile Aware.

The Aware Petro module for RBI analysis of critical equipment can now be performed in Aware as demonstrated in this webinar.


Organize and Manage Your Piping Program using the Aware Piping Module

The Aware Piping Module is the solution to managing your Piping Program. This webinar demonstrates how to track inspections, assessments and NDE tests on piping components; store FAC inspection data and calculate MWT remaining; and track Hanger inspections, scale readings and load adjustments. The software can be used to define current and future work scope and provide inspection templates to contractors. Reports can be printed from the data collected and shared with others in your organization. Learn how the Aware Piping Module can be utilized to organize your piping information.

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Improve the reliability and safety of your Pressure Vessels, Tanks and Safety Valves through data management

The Aware Pressure Vessels and Tanks Module organizes inspection data to help you maintain equipment reliability and safety. This webinar demonstrates how to document erosion / corrosion surveys in a standardized worksheet, how to calculate short term and long term corrosion rates and project the retirement date for your pressurized vessels, tanks and safety valves. View how to generate an inspection form with a Signatures Section for Inspectors to comment and sign, and a Notification Section to alert personnel follow-up is needed. The demonstration also shows how to quickly identify the inspection schedule for all designated equipment.

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