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Product Returns Analysis

We can create a Returns Analysis program based on your specific needs, helping you uncover defects or quality flaws that may not have been captured during the manufacturing process.

When a customer returns your product, your reputation is at stake. It is critical that you understand why products are returned as well as how to prevent future returns. Implementing a Returns Analysis program will help you uncover product defects and/or quality flaws that otherwise may not have been captured during manufacturing.

We can tailor a program for you that can include:

  • Small or large-scale analysis across multiple stores
  • Product-specific or general analysis
  • Complaint focused analysis
  • Secret shoppers
  • Assessment of returned products for quality, safety, and performance
  • Assessment of returned product’s instruction manual
  • Weekly or monthly product pick-up at store locations
  • Recommendations for product improvements

Once we have completed your Returns Analysis and presented our findings to you, Intertek will work with you to determine the necessary next steps. If product quality or safety was an issue, we will test your products according to applicable product safety requirements and provide the necessary product certifications. If product performance was an issue, we can evaluate your product to typical and ‘real life’ consumer use situations. This will allow us to highlight potential problem areas and make recommendations for product improvements.

Intertek’s experience and consumer product expertise allows us to quickly and efficiently determine why your products are returned. Working with Intertek as your independent partner will allow you to take a closer look at the overall quality and value of your products. Once your Returns Analysis is complete you will be able to use this data to show retailers that you have addressed any issues consumers have had with your products.

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