Social Engineering

Regardless of the time and money you’ve spent protecting your network with the latest security products, it’s the human element that can often be the weakest link in security. Would your sys admin recognise and challenge the voice of your ‘finance director’ authoritatively demanding access to a system in advance of their board meeting? Would a member of staff query the ‘IT Help Desk’ who are asking all staff to reconfirm their passwords as part of a security review? Would a member of staff readily hold open a door for a ‘courier’ following behind them with a heavy box?

Intertek NTA can test the response of your staff and the strength of the procedures they have been asked to follow by running a range of the above scenarios over the telephone, via email and physically at your premises. The aim is not to single out ‘over-helpful’ individuals but instead to highlight that such threats are real and that all of us can potentially fall prey unless we are aware of, reminded of and vigilant against such attacks.

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