There are a variety of terms used to describe an evaluation of network security, with “health check”, “penetration testing”, “vulnerability assessment” and “network scanning” being the most common. Intertek NTA believes the key to a valuable service is understanding organisations’ individual needs and providing a flexible package to address this.

Intertek NTA will discuss any specific concerns or likely attack scenarios (e.g. internal or external threat actors, random automated attacks or advanced persistent threats) and then recommend a tailored security testing programme consisting of a combination of test types, depths, frequencies and perspectives.

In our tests we typically cover:

  • Credentialed Vulnerability Scans
  • Server Build Review
  • Workstation Security Review
  • Wi-Fi Infrastructure Test

All tests delivered will have a manual aspect, at minimum including manual oversight, issue verification and report finalisation, with further guidance offered to assist in applying the most appropriate fixes to secure your network.

Our accreditations

IT Health Service Check Service
Crown Commercial Service Provider
PCI Security Standards Council Approved Scanning Vendor
The Cyber Scheme Certified Tester