Risk Assessment Services

Risk is a broad heading that is a part all of the services Intertek NTA offers.

However, a specific risk assessment or management project may be required when one has not been performed before, when one needs refreshing, or when a new network, application, facility or type of information service is being incorporated into the organisation. Intertek NTA can also provide an independent audit to validate existing risk management plans and assessment methodologies.

A risk assessment and mitigation programme will typically start with the identification and categorisation of an asset, and the risks that may impact this. Once this is understood, the steps required to mitigate and manage or eliminate the risks should be established. As always, there is no silver bullet for risk management, and so the programme would no doubt include ongoing activities that must be adopted and monitored going forward, so that any residual risk remains at an acceptable level.

Intertek NTA’s consultants can help you work through this programme, and this is likely to be an iterative process spread over a number of weeks, drawing on varying aspects of your organisation and staff.

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