Mobile Device Security Assessments

With mobile devices such iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets now commonplace, either via corporate issue or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), an organisation’s data is now spread far and wide and on multiple platforms. But what if (when) these devices are lost, stolen or compromised? A security assessment of the deployment can help answer those questions and reduce the security exposure.

Assessments consider multiple aspects, ranging from the configuration and controls on the device, the containerisation and protection of the data itself, and the Mobile Device Management software that may be deployed to tie all this together.

Laptops have in many cases replaced the traditional desktop, can contain a large amount of data (officially or unofficially), and generally have broad network access. Security assessments here are similar to that performed against a standard desktop, but given the increased potential for such devices to fall into the wrong hands and their remote connectivity capabilities, additional focus is directed towards issues such as encryption and remote access configuration.

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