All of the penetration testing in the world cannot prepare you for a staff member clicking a link in a phishing email, or downloading an attachment that launches a malware file around the corporate network. NTA's staff security awareness training programme, which can be delivered through a number of different mediums, has its content rooted in the anecdotes and horror stories that we have picked up on our 25+ years in the industry. By providing context, and a story, your staff will understand their position as part of a major hack, and be in a better position to defend themselves and the organisation should they find themselves in such a situation.

Staff Security Awareness Training

Intertek NTA’s Staff Security Awareness Training package can be delivered in a number of ways, offering total flexibility depending on your individual organizational needs and aims:

  1. Via a dedicated online platform delivering engaging and interactive video content, running approximately 25 minutes per user and incorporating interactive learning elements, periodic knowledge checks, and a final assessment for course completion.

    Developed by a team of cybersecurity and software training experts with over 20+ years in their respective fields:

    • Intertek NTA is a leader in providing cyber security testing, auditing and consultancy services.
    • Intertek Wisetail is a training and engagement platform built to deliver module-based education to organizations around the world.

    Together we have built the Intertek NTA/Wisetail Cybersecurity Awareness Training platform; a five-module course that helps to educate and equip employees with the tools needed to better secure company data.

    Our training provides security lessons focusing on common threats that will help change behaviour and raise awareness of proper information security.

    Modules focus on popular intrusion tactics like phishing and malware attacks, remote working risks, and password best practices.

    Package Purchasing Options
    Purchase plans are customized to your needs, allowing you to determine the best options based on your organizational structure. Purchase from one of the following options:

    • Individual Tokens: Purchase tokens online and receive a dedicated code which grants access to the course directly through Intertek Wisetail’s LMS platform.
    • SCORM Package: If an organizational learning management system (LMS) already exists, you can purchase a SCORM package and integrate the training through your own platform.

  2. Face-to-face “classroom” sessions with attending staff (workplace restrictions allowing)

    Intertek NTA are able to deliver the Staff Security Awareness Training in a ‘classroom’ setting, with components aligned to those forming the online learning platform. Modules are still flexible, depending on your organizational policy, and the desired outcome of the exercise.

    • What is Information Security?
    • Why is Information Security Important?
    • Passwords
    • Social Engineering
    • Internet and Email Usage
    • Social Media
    • Removable Media
    • Remote Working / Working from Home
    • Clear Desk Policy
    • Incidents

  3. Remotely over a number of remote working/collaboration platforms, with the trainer leading the session and attending staff joining remotely.

    Intertek NTA’s Staff Security Awareness Training program has historically been delivered face-to-face in “classroom” sessions with attending staff. With the increase in remote working for staff members, it has become difficult for organizations to implement the usual standard of classroom-led training.

    Intertek NTA has augmented its usual approach to accommodate remote working staff, to ensure that all employees are still provided the critical training that is required to stay safe in the digital world.

    Training can be delivered over a number of remote working/collaboration platforms, with the trainer leading the session and attending staff joining remotely. The format of the session would then run very much in the way that it would in person, with the trainer offering anecdotes and advice, with staff members asking questions throughout where relevant.

Our accreditations

IT Health Service Check Service
Crown Commercial Service Provider
PCI Security Standards Council Approved Scanning Vendor
The Cyber Scheme Certified Tester