Intertek NTA can assist organizations in developing and implementing a suitable incident management methodology

Information Security and Cyber Incidents are on the rise. These incidents often leave the victim organisation with reputational damage, a dent in their clients’ confidence, a large bill for recovery work and, in some cases, a substantial fine. This can often be avoided or minimised if the organisation had prepared for the incident and was ready for, rather than ignoring, the risk.

While there is no perfect solution, Intertek NTA can assist organisations in developing and implementing a suitable incident management methodology. This can be supplemented with staff training and testing of the plans’ robustness. Our incident readiness offering consists of a number of components which can be utilised individually, or in a variety of combinations.

These include an initial review of existing plans and processes, a documentation stage to create or improve the plans and processes, an implementation stage where any necessary technological solutions or hands-on processes can be embedded, a training stage where staff can be educated in how to use the new tools and plans, and finally a testing stage where the work from the previous stages can be ‘put through its paces’ to ensure its effectiveness.

Our accreditations

IT Health Service Check Service
Crown Commercial Service Provider
PCI Security Standards Council Approved Scanning Vendor
The Cyber Scheme Certified Tester