Catalyst’s approach to training frontline workers addresses the most important item facing the grocery and retail industry today…time. No retailer can afford to have their team members or supervisors spend 20-40 minutes off the floor. Catalyst’s approach in training respects the inherent knowledge of your staff and is proven to reduce training time from 50 to 75%.


The most important training starts the moment an employee walks through the door. Strong onboarding must cover safety & loss prevention topics for specific departments that put new hires at risk for injury. New employees are three times as likely to be injured than the regular employee. Catalyst can help you reduce and even avoid recordable incidents with a strong onboarding program.

Department-Specific Training

When entering a grocery store, it’s immediately clear that each department faces unique safety and loss prevention challenges, often with little overlap. One and done training solutions aren’t built with all your departments in mind, resulting in half-baked training that fails to protect your staff against the department-specific dangers like deep fryers, deli slicers and bakery ovens. Catalyst’s multi-touch employee communication programs allow for targeted and adaptable training that delivers the right information every unique department and employee needs.

Life-Saving Success Story

While we hope employees never need to use some of the emergency preparedness training we produce, a recent Active Shooter event at a Whole Foods Market store proves the value of customized training that speaks to, and includes, your processes, your environment, your people, and your culture. Whole Foods Team Members completed Active Shooter training created by Catalyst mere weeks before having to act on what they learned in a very real, and dangerous, situation. Both police and the Team Member interviewed credited the training as the reason why all Team Members and customers involved escaped unharmed.

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