The Battle Against a Listeria Outbreak Starts with Information

Intertek Catalyst partnered with AFFI to develop the Listeria Stops Here toolkit for industries fighting the deadly Listeria bacterium on a daily basis.

We knew our existing approach to safety awareness and loss prevention works to effect real change. We have the data to prove it.

That is why we created a suite of communication tools to arm frontline staff with the latest information on how to prevent an outbreak. The best defense against an outbreak is information.



Our multi-touch approach informs each frontline worker of the best practices in ensuring correct processes are followed through. The kit is designed to act as an effective reminder that it is up to them to prevent an outbreak that could cost lives, consumer trust in the brand and potentially millions of dollars in lost revenue.


Visit our Listeria Stops Here page for more information on the toolkit and how to order yours today.
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