Welcome to Intertek Catalyst. We are a full-service employee communications agency.

We specialize in safety, loss prevention and overall asset protection. From comprehensive, branded communications programs right down to custom training modules, Intertek Catalyst creates awarding winning, world-class content that affects real change in the workplace.

What We Do

Our creative and product development teams have the capability to create and deliver virtually anything that could be used to communicate with your employees. Print material, digital training and awareness modules, animations, videos, augmented reality and virtual reality are just some of the tools we employ. Our growing library of training content offers quick solutions for many compliance and awareness needs and being tech-agnostic, we make sure it works for you. We offer several off-the-shelf Learning Management System (LMS) platforms as well as custom programming for platforms, websites and app development, all geared towards safety and loss protection strategies.

By aligning the safety and loss prevention needs of your company with highly creative, hyper-relevant content, we change behavior at the individual level to build strong safety cultures. Safety becomes instinct. Loss prevention becomes habit. We want what you want: to have your employees want to take the right action each and every time.

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