Our Purpose

Protecting people is core to Intertek Catalyst’s business mission. We do it every day by working with industries around the globe. With over 30 years’ experience in safety communications, our clients rely on us to be the subject matter experts to help solve their safety communication challenges.

We take that role very seriously.

Our safety programs affect real change by transforming and instilling a true safety culture in the workplace, no matter the industry. We adapt our programs to suit your needs, your infrastructure and your overall strategy.

Data Driven Continuous Improvement 

Data tells a story and we are proud of what our story is telling. When we started creating safety programs, we were hopeful that they would become a part of the overall client’s strategy. What we didn’t expect is that it would become an essential tool in the client’s workplace culture. InFocus, The Home Depot’s safety brand became a safety beacon to rally around. It is now across all business units and an integral part of their brand identity.

Our data reveals over and over that these programs improve safety records, reduce shrink and create a clear and measurable system to promote safety and loss prevention to every single employee in a company.