Protecting Profits, Protects People

Protecting profits is a core aspect of Intertek Catalyst’s business. Helping our clients mitigate loss and reduce shrink, ultimately helps protect our client’s people, their shifts, their jobs, their stores and their wellbeing. Our team listens to your concerns and advises on how you can maintain and improve your current loss prevention plan.

And the good news is, we see results almost immediately.

Our programs incorporate research into why people do, or do not, do the things they do. We look at how to affect behavioral change so that when the moment comes to do the right thing to reduce shrink, it is instinctual, and not a decision. Combatting operational errors, organized retail crime (ORC), shoplifting, adhering to the cold chain, maintaining product rotation and reducing overproduction are just some of our target areas we succeed at.

Creating Frontline Superheroes White Paper



Catalyst has been involved in loss prevention (LP) for most of the 21st century. Grocery retail, general retail and supply chain organizations depend on our expertise in LP.

Intertek Catalyst is involved in the loss prevention industry on many levels. We are a sponsor of Innovision, Loss Prevention Conference, as a part of that conference’s steering committee. We are involved with, and are a member of, the Loss Prevention Foundation LPF.