Terry McGuire,
Vice President

Avid technophile. Appreciates sweaters. Doesn’t get cats. Design thinker and professional skier.


Andrea Rudyk,
Creative Director

Everything is a design opportunity. Fearless leader. Knows the importance of humour. Could teach Adobe a thing or two.


Monica Lundrigan,
Director, Client Services

Semi-pro home decorator, extreme diplomat due to large family. Can make a list of favourite lists. Endlessly strategic.


Mark Peters,
Director of Development Operations

Fluent in business and code. Early riser, team enabler. Fitness & foodie lover, but coffee first. Proud dad, singer of songs.


Carrie Tibbs,
Director, Client Services

Tenacious, empathetic and ready to problem solve. Killer taste. Finds adventure in everything. Bobble heads are gross. Dogs and early mornings are not.


Sharon Schultz,
Senior Production Manager

Always setting everyone up for success. Not afraid to love cats. Incomparable in-depth knowledge. Whistles like no one is listening.
Ashlee Wettlaufer, Program Manager
Doesn’t back down from a problem. Proud mother and geek. Appreciates endless coffee and dark chocolate. Meeting goals is life.