Learning Management Systems (LMS) are the backbone of any good awareness program. Whether you go with a custom solution or an out-of-the-box program, your LMS is a safety or loss prevention manager’s mission control. Catalyst works with you to customize your program and help you optimize your LMS to be an effective hub of resources and tools.

Why Use an LMS?

When you’re assessing the safety or performance of your store, you turn to data points like recordable incidents and shrink rate to gauge how you’re doing. Similarly, having data to evaluate your employee’s performance is crucial. A well designed LMS will supply you with compliance rates, performance indicators and flag high-risk employees to help you know what parts of your training program work and which need to be improved.

An LMS allows us to effectively target your employees with specific materials or modules. Have a high priority topic for cashiers? A good LMS will make sure each one sees it. Have a store performing below average? We can use that targeting to deploy supplemental training where it’s needed most.

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