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Cabling Products | ETL Verified Certificates of Conformance:

ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 5e Channel
3-Connector Channel (shielded)
Equipment Cord, 3 m: 185XY0305
Keystone Jack: 105211010
STP Horizontal Cable, 90 m: 205X4Y2115
Patch Panel: 175212412

3-Connector Channel (unshielded)
Equipment Cord, 3m: 1851X0305
Keystone Jack: 1051X1010
UTP Horizontal Cable, 90m: 20514X115
Patch Panel: 175X2YY12

ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 6 Permanent Link and Channel 
3-Connector Permanent Link (unshielded)
UTP Horizontal Cable, 90 m: 20614X115
Keystone Jack: 106XY1ZZ0
Keystone Jack Assembly-110 work Outlets: 106XY1ZZ0
Patch Panel: 176X2YY12

2-Connector Permanent Link (shielded)
Wall Outlet: 106211010
SFTP Horizontal  Cable: 206X4Y125
Patch  Panel: 176212412

3-Connector Channel (unshielded)
Equipment Cord, 3 m: 1861XYYYZ
Wall Outlet: 106X210Z0
Equipment Cord, 2 m: 1861XYYYZ
Keystone Jack: 106X210Z0
Horizontal Cable: 20614XY1Z
Patch Panel: 176X224Z2
Equipment Cord, 5 m: 1861XYYYZ
6-Connector Channel (unshielded) 
CAT. 6 UTP Patch Cord, 2m: 186XYZZZC
CAT. 6 UTP 180° Mini KJ: 106XYVZZ0
CAT. 6 UTP LSZH Horizontal Cable: 20614XYVZ
110 Wiring Block: 271XYYYVZ
CAT. 6 UTP LED Patch Panel: 17PXYVV1Z

ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 6A Cable
4x23 UTP, Non-Plenum Riser (CMR), Horizontal (solid) cable, p/n 209145225

ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Category 6A Permanent Link and Channel
3-Connector Channel (unshielded)
Equipment Cord: 1821zxxxy
Wall Outlet: 1091X1010
UTP Horizontal Cable: 20914X225
Patch Panel: 1700xyy02

2-Connector Permanent Link
Patch Panel: 170042402
Wall Outlet: 1091X1010
UTP Horizontal Cable: 20994X225

3-Connector Channel (shielded)
Equipment Cords: 182WXYYYZ and 299W4xy2z
Patch Panel: 17P2YVV0Z
Keystone Jack: 109XY4ZZ0
U/FTP, Shielded, LSOH, Horizontal Cable: 209WXY2Z



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