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Effective Supplier Management Is All About Accurate Information...

The heart of the Inlight process is delivering and verifying supply chain information. Inlight provides unique decision support tools that enable companies to understand and act upon customizable assessment data across the supply chain.

Once your suppliers have been onboarded successfully on to our Inlight platform, they will then start the assessment process which will involve them being invited to complete one or more Self -assessment Questionnaires (SAQ), to better analyze their unique risks and also understand their capabilities and operations.

Suppliers will enter the system through their own private Dashboard which will allow them to:

  • Identify self-assessments they have been assigned
  • Check the status of their completion as a percentage indicator
  • Confirm they have completed and submitted their assessment
  • Obtain the result of their assessment
  • Download their assessment report and print a copy 
  • Update their information upon performance improvements completion 
  • Determine when their next self-assessment is due

Your organization can track all supplier responses on your dashboard. You can also obtain KPI reports from your Program Manager at Intertek to determine why suppliers are not completing the assessment.

Design a Supplier Questionnaire that Fits

A questionnaire can be as simple or complex as your organizational needs dictate. Some client users manage supplier SAQs around one particular compliance issue, while others prefer to use the Intertek Business Profile or Standard Questionnaires. Each questionnaire Inlight offers is supported by unique supply chain expertise rooted in Intertek’s 130 years experience in the Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification industry.

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