Onboard Suppliers

On-boarding your suppliers properly and effectively into the system is important in order for your organization to achieve your project goals in a reasonable timeframe. Should you need support, the Intertek Inlight Project Management team, will assist your organization to upload all supplier data into the Inlight system.

The Intertek Inlight team works with you to create customized messages communicating to suppliers what is expected as part of the initial invitation to register in the system. These messages create a culture of understanding and compliance, and provide step by step instructions to make the process as clear and simple as possible. For supplier paid initiatives, suppliers can pay directly in Inlight via PayPal, Credit Card or bank wire.

Local Intertek Inlight team members will support your suppliers via both telephone and email, leveraging our global team of supply chain experts located strategically in over 60 countries. Beyond that, Intertek Inlight staff of analysts and technical experts can be available to tailor an educational on boarding program around your Inlight-based initiative, ranging from basic webinar trainings, supplier communication packages and guidance manuals, to more detailed in-person trainings and beyond – our professionals provide a market leading degree of assurance.

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Need help or have a question?

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