Customised Offer

The Inlight solution has been designed to provide you the customers with both an Advantage pre-defined offering or the ability to tailor the solution to your supply chain program needs. Many of our clients want to have the ability to tailor the general Inlight offer to add customer specific requirements. Below is a list of what you receive as part of the Customised offering, compared to the Advantage offering.

What can you customise?

The most common areas that our clients want to add their own specific custom needs are:
Inherent Risks: adding client specific Business and Product Inherent Risk profiling combined with Country Inherent Risk. We have the ability to customise the Inherent Risk logic to consider multiple data sources, define inherent risk weighting, and combine with the country risk.  
Self-Assessment Questionnaire: although our Advantage SAQs are robust in terms of assessing such defined risks, many customers want to continue with a current SAQ they may have, or have a unique SAQ created to meet their business specific requirements, or combine multiple areas by having multiple SAQs. Intertek can provide the guidance or deliver the requirements by assigning suitable experts to work on the SAQ creation.
Automated programme logic: every client may have a different criteria to trigger next steps. As a result the Advantage offer has been left as a manual application allowing the customer to define their own logic and apply accordingly. However, some customers will want to have this logic built into the system to trigger automatic actions.
Reporting: we have thought through the most common reporting requirements to ensure the ability to analyse your supplier data thoroughly. Many customers may wish to add to this by creating their own company specific reporting needs.
Supply Chain Mapping: where to start? Not all our customers have good insight into their supply chain structure. Many only have information on Tier 1 or Strategic suppliers. But we know that supply chain risk can exist anywhere in the chain, and usually the further down the more potential for lack of control. So, the Inlight team can work with your company to help reach out to your suppliers and gather the needed additional supplier layers.

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