Inlight Solutions

Not just a Platform. People and Expertise.

Every day companies have to manage data with regards to their supply chain, whether it’s to pre-qualify suppliers, gather key contract information, understand operational and delivery capabilities, manage compliance requirements or assess supplier risk across your national and global supply chains. Achieving the above, while controlling and reducing cost, and ensuring consistent procurement processes, is a challenge.

The Inlight system can help companies better manage their supply chain and supply chain mapping strategy, while adding supply chain resilience and operational flexibility. Our supplier data cleansing, on-boarding, assessment and risk analysis services through our assurance solution combined platform, people and expertise, provide cost effective solutions to manage and mitigate risk, while streamlining and integrating procurement, compliance (quality, social, security) and sustainability strategies.

From supplier on-boarding and assessing risks to profiling and auditing, Intertek’s Inlight system and Supply Chain Management teams worldwide provide the most effective end-to-end supplier management solution on the market.

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Need help or have a question?

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