BIFMA LEVEL® Certificates

List of LEVEL® certified furniture from BIFMA e3 standard compliance. Note: This page has been integrated with our Sustainability Certification Directory

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ManufacturerProduct NamesCategoryConformance CategoryCertificate NumberCertificate Expiry Date
9 to 5 SeatingSeating: Classroom: Bell

Seating: Guest / Side: Link, Shuttle, Shuttle Mesh and Zoom;

Seating: Executive: Acclaim, Axis, Bristol, Cayman, Cortina, Cydia Mesh, Cydia Upholstered, Diddy, Mila, Sol, and Vesta
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000697R105/03/2021
9 to 5 SeatingSeating: Lounge: Lilly and Sophie

Seating: Stacking: Bella, Bella Mesh, Indy, Kelley and Mimi

Seating: Task: Agent, Aria, Brio, Core, Cosmo Mesh, Cosmo Upholstered, Logic, Luna, Neo, Strata, Strata Lite, Theory, & Vault

Tables: Classroom, Occasional, and Training: Sophie
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000698R105/03/2021
9 to 5 SeatingProduct Category: Seating: Executive and Task

Product Description: Omnia
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000715R005/03/2021
BRC Business Enterprises LimitedNatural Series: Systems: Desking and Components; Casegoods: Non-wood Storage and Files; and Accessories

FIL Series: Systems: Desking and Panel; Casegoods: Non-wood Storage and Files

Emotion Series: Alta, NoLita, SoHo, and Viva: Tables: Height-Adjustable, Bases and Tops
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000720R008/27/2022
Butler Human ServiceLounge Seating: Canyon, Classic Open Wood Arm, Classic Solid Wood Bed, Legacy Open Wood Arm, Legacy Solid Wood Bed, Madison, Mission Open Wood Arm, Rio, and Trent

Guest / Side Seating: Bowen, Chandler, and Dalton

Casegoods Storage: Classic Solid Wood Desk and Classic Solid Wood Dresser
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000708R011/09/2021
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.Worksurface Power / Data Module Metallic: Appartus, Assemble, Assemble Reveal, Axil, Cambio, Dean, Dot, E2X, Ellora, Ellora Qi, Glenbeigh, Interlink, M2X, M3X, M4X, Mho, Mho2, Mini-Tap, MS2, Node, Ohm, and Quadtap.

Worksurface Power / Data Module Non-Metallic: Burelé, Eclipse, Hemisphere, Hitch, HQ, HQ2, Moiré, Nacre, Pepper, Plastic Minitap and Salt
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000666R305/19/2022
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.Worksurface Power / Data Module Metallic: BOHO, Ellora Well, Grommets, Kari, Level, Rialto, Vesta, and Wonderbar

Worksurface Power / Data Module Non-Metallic: DropShare, Garcia, Levity, Nightcap, and Tully

Power Distribution Management Systems Raceways: 4-Trac, 8-Trac, and Phase 3
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000667R305/19/2022
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.Worksurface Power / Data Module Metallic: WillowLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000668R305/19/2022
Byrne Electrical Specialists, Inc.Accessories: Non-Metallic Worksurface Power | Data Module: Grommets, Interport, Mini-port, Power Data Center, Power Sphere, and Retractable P.C.LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000717R005/19/2022
CompaticoAO1 / AO2, CMW / CV, and Genesis (G2)Panels and SystemsLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000565R304/11/2019
Dauphin North AmericaTable: Conference / Meeting: Konstrux

Tables: Occasional: Ambit, Averio, Axium, Blend, Entice, and Tiffany

Systems: Desking, Benching and Panels: Atelier, Atelier 2, Hiline, Junxion and Konstrux
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000681R212/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Averio Lounge; Cempa Classroom, Guest/ Side, Lounge and Stacking; Destino Lounge; Little Perillo XS Executive, Guest/ Side, Lounge; and Reefs Lounge

Tables: Averio

Architectural Products: Cubes Dialogue, Phones and Spaces with raised floors and relocatable walls
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000682R212/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Guest / Side: Ace, Eddy, Getti, Highway, Join Me, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Lucille, Open End, Seatwise, Siamo, Stilo, Strata, Talli, Teo, and Visita

Seating: Stool: Adjust, Aiko, Basis I, Basis II, Coco, Contour II, Dyna-Air, Eddy, Flexo, Jax, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Luxo,

Octave, Polo, Seatwise, Siamo, Speed-o, Stilo, Sync 2, Syncro II, Tec Line, Teo, Vida, Vida 2, Visita, and X-Code
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000683R212/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Classroom: Ace, Eddy, Getti, Join Me, Lucille, Open End, Seatwise, Strata, Talli, Tec Line, and Teo

Seating: Nesting: Ace, Eddy and Join Me

Seating: Stacking: Ace, Eddy, Join Me, Siamo, Strata and Talli
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000684R212/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Beam: Eddy, Logan, Lordo, Siamo, and Teo

Seating Benching: Aleta, Atelier, Atelier 2, Bobo, Egbert, Hiline, Junxion, and Sidney

Seating: Lounge: 4+, 4+ Relax, Aleta, Alterno, Aspetta, Atelier, Atelier 2, Baby Bobo, Bello, Bene Bobo, Bobo,

Buster Bobo, Bux, City Club, Coty, Cubitt, Egbert, Hiline, Junxion, Perillo, and Sidney
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000687R212/14/2019
Dauphin North AmericaSeating: Conference / Executive: Bux, Eddy, Highway, Lucinta, Little Perillo, Logan, Lordo, Luxo, Riola, Siamo, Signo, Teo, and Visita

Seating: Task: Adjust, Aiko, Basis I, Basis II, Coco, Contour II, Dyna-Air, Flexo, Lacinta, Lordo, Lordo Flex, Luxo, Magnum, Polo, Seatwise, Siamo, Speed-o, Stilo, Syncro II, Sync 2, Tec Line, Vida, Vida 2, Viper and X-Code
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000688R212/14/2019
Davies Office Refurbishing, IncDavies Remanufactured Steelcase Panel Systems9000 Tackable / Acoustic Panels, Answer Panels, and Avenir Tackable / Acoustic PanelsLEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000513R409/17/2020
Davies Office Refurbishing, IncAO2 Acoustic Tackable / Fabric and Ethospace Frame / Tile Based PanelsDavies Remanufactured Herman Miller Panel SystemsLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000515R409/17/2020
Davies Office Refurbishing, IncPremise Acoustic / Tackable Fabric, Places and Unigroup Acoustic FabricDavies Remanufactured Haworth Panel SystemsLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000516R409/18/2020
Davies Office Refurbishing, Inc Morrison Acoustic Fabric PanelsDavies Remanufactured Knoll Panel SystemsLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000519R409/17/2020
Environamics, Inc.Architectural Products include Environamics Symbio® Movable WallsLEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000718R007/02/2022
Indiana FurnitureSeating:

Executive: Amery, Breman, Clutch, Eden, Kennerly, Larson, Oscar and Reminisce;

Guest/ Side: Alita, Amery, Bow Tie, Brea, Breman, Britta, Charm, Cirka, Delphi, Elara, Felix, Gleem, Halstead, Inspiration, Kennerly, Klarete, Larson, Marquee, Reminisce, Striations, Toby, Trift, Triple Play and Vive;

Task: Clutch, Eden, Joy, Oscar, and Syntric;

Lounge: Bailey, Benton, Bliss, Carreta, Chat, Cicero, Inspiration, Isla, Marquee, and Portia.
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000333R412/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureCasegoods (Wood / Veneer): Allegiance 1100 Series, Arlington 2900 Series, Aura Reception 6200, Cameo Reception 6100, Elevate 4000 Series, Encompass 5700 and 5900 Series, Etch / Gesso 6500 and 6700, Jefferson 4600 Series, Madera 1400 and 1600, Phoenix 2100, Revolution 4200 and Wilmington 3600 Series;

Conferencing Tables (Wood / Veneer): Aura, Cameo, Etch/ Gesso, Niche/ Canvas, One10, and Tri-One;

Occasional Tables: Britta, Carreta, Cicero, Inspiration, Isla, Jot, Marquee, Resilience, Topsy Turvy, and Tri-One.
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000334R412/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureCasegoods and Conference Tables (Laminate): Niche/ Canvas 6600, 6800 and Resilience;

Conferencing and Training Tables (Laminate): One10 and Tri-One Training Modular Conference and Meeting Tables;

Occasional Tables (Laminate): Carreta, Resilience and Topsy Turvy.
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000337R412/10/2019
Indiana FurnitureRelocatable walls: Square OneArchitectural ProductsLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000699R112/10/2019
KI BonduelAuditorium / Fixed Seating: Concerto, GateOne, Lancaster, Promenade, Sequence, Seminar and University;

Folding Seating: 100 Series, 300 Series, 700 Series, Auditorium, Front Row, and Design Line;

Lounge Seating: Sway; Patient Room: Rose; Stools: 600 Series, 800 Series, Medical/ Lab Adjustable Stool;

Benching Tables: Connection Zone; Cafeteria Tables: Athens; Classroom Tables: Inquire and Oxford;

Conference (wood) Table: Backbone Media Platform; Folding Table: Emissary, Heritage, and Premier;

Height Adjustable Table: Synthesis, Toggle, Trek, and Workup; Nesting Table: Enlite, Hurry Up!, and Pirouette;

Occasional Table: C-Table, Tattoo, and Sway; Training Table: Datalink, InTandem, and Pillar.
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000711R012/15/2021
KI Canada CorporationCasegoods: Files and Storage: 700 Series, All Terrain, Connection Zone, RoomScape, Ruckus, Tattoo and U-Series;

Systems Desking: 700 Series, All Terrain, Instruct, and True;

Systems Screens: 700 Series, All Terrain, Genesis, Rolling Screen Doors, and True.
LEVEL® 3US1-BIFMAe3level-0000712R012/15/2021
KI Green BayClassroom Seating: Intellect, Intellect Desk, Intellect Wave, Learn2, and Ruckus;

Auditorium / Fixed Seating: Jury Based and Seminar;

Guest/Side Seating: Jubi, Strive Nesting, Torsion Air Nesting, Torsion on the Go!, Versa, and Xylon;

Stack: 1000 Series, Apply, Doni, Dorsal, Grazie, Maestro, Matrix, Opt4, Perry, Piretti, Rapture, Strive, Torsion, and Torsion Air Stack;

Task: Apply, Doni, Engage, Grazie, Ruckus, Strive, Torsion Air, and Torsion;

Cafeteria Tables: Uniframe; Conference Tables: Barron, Itoki, and Portico;

Classroom Tables: Ruckus Desk and Ruckus Lectern.
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000709R012/15/2021
KI High PointLounge Seating: Aerdyn, Affina, Arissa, Bantam, Cody, Connection Zone Privacy Booth, Hub, Jessa, Kurv, Lyra, Mesa, MyPlace, MyWay, Neena Bench, Sela, Soltice, Soltice Metal, Tattoo and Tea Cup;

Guest / Side: Multiple Seating: Affina, Perth, Soltice and Soltice Metal

Patient Room Seating: Affina Bariatric, Affina Glider, Affina Hip, Affina Patient, Affina Recliner, Affina II Recliner, Affina Sleeper, LaResta, Perth Bariatric, Perth Glider, Perth Recliner, Perth II Recliner, Perth Patient, Perth Sleeper, Soltice Bariatric, Soltice Glider, Soltice Patient, Soltice Recliner, Solitce II Recliner, Soltice Sleeper, Soltice Metal Bariatric, and Solitce Metal Patient;

Occasional Tables: Affina, Flex, Lyra, MyPlace, MyWay, Sela, Soltice, and Soltice Metal.
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000714R012/15/2021
KI ManitowocArchitectural Products Walls: Evoke, Genius, and Lightline;

Systems Desking: Trellis, Genesis, and Workzone;

Systems Fence: Tattoo; Systems Screens: Connection Zone; Systems Panels: System 3000, Unite and Wireworks;

Systems: Residential Hall: RoomScape
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000710R012/15/2021
KI TupeloClassroom Seating: Ivy League; Folding Seating: Novite;

Guest Seating: Calida, Sift, Silhouette and Voz;

Stack Seating: Katera and Plaza;

Task Seating: Altus, FourC, Oath, Sift and Voyant.
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000713R012/15/2021
OMT Veyhl USA CorpTables: Bases, Classroom, Height Adjustable, Occasional and Training: Ascend, Bold, Clever, Conversion, Fast Crank, Irons, Simply-fast, Strive (Captiva) and Trapezoid

Systems: Components: Standalone Wire Manager and Wallmount
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000696R103/14/2021
Sauder EducationGuest / Side Seating: Bistro Metal, Deli, Parlor Metal, and Plylok

Occasional Tables: 4700 Metal Frame, Bridge Solid Wood, Dining, Dinning Molded Wood, Rally Integrated, and Reflect Molded / Reflect Solid Wood
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000705R011/09/2021
Sauder EducationLounge Seating: Allure, Beechwood Solid Wood Bed, Bridge, Cavetto, Espresso Solid Wood Bed and Bunk Bed, Merit Solid Wood Bed, Merit Metal Bed and Bunk Bed, Moment, Oak Trakolk Solid Bed, Puzzle, Puzzle Ottoman, Rally Lounge, Rally Ottoman, Rally Tabletop Ottoman, and zTrack Solid Wood Bunk Bed

Task Seating: Encore-G Thermoplastic polymer, Trey-G Thermoplastic Polymer
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000706R011/09/2021
Trinity FurnitureExecutive Seating Hardwood: Classic, Langton, and Traditional

Executive Seating Plywood: Cilo, Conrad, and Luci Guci
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000384R506/01/2020
Trinity FurnitureLounge Seating Hardwood: Classic, Edge, Luci Guci, Radcliffe Square, Traditional, and Quads

Lounge Seating Plywood: Facelift1, Facelift3 Evolve, Facelift Fair and Square, Facelift1 Replay, Facelift Revival, and Facelift Serpentine
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000388R506/01/2020
Trinity FurnitureGuest / Side Seating: Classic, Conrad, Edge, Facelift1, Facelift Evolve, Facelift1 Replay, Facelift Twist, Langton, Luci Guci, Radcliffe Square, Steel, Traditional, and Zee

Occasional Tables: Classic, Edge, Facelift1, Facelift3 Evolve, Facelift Serpentine, Radcliffe Square, and Traditional
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000389R506/01/2020
Trinity FurnitureSeating: Patient Room: Tuxedo and Lounge Plywood: SwerveLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000716R006/01/2020
VersteelSeating: Auditorium: Chela, Elly, OH!, Simon, IMMIX;

Seating: Classroom: Chela, Companion, Kompis, Ollie, Sate, Simon, Socious, Quanta, Quanta HD, Zuri. Low Back Zuri;

Seating: Guest | Side: Chela, Companion, Elly, Kompis, OH!, Ollie, Sate, Simon, Socius, IMMIX, The Maker Bench, Quanta, Quanta HD, Zuri, Low Back Zuri;

Seating: Stacking: Chela, Companion, Kompis, Quanta, Quanta HD, Sate, Simon, Zuri; Seating: Task: Chela, Quanta HD, Quanta;

Seating: Lounge: Chela, Companion, Elly, IMMIX, OH!, Ollie, Sate, Socious, IMMIX, The Maker Bench, The Maker Swivel Stool, Quanta HD Stool.
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000560R201/30/2022
VersteelTables: Base | Tops & Adjustable Heights: Brattice, Deci, Elements, Eliga, Paces, Parsons, Performance, Platform, Skware, Somet, TIM, TOD, Ty, Uno2, & Vela;

Tables: Cafeteria: Deci, Eliga, Paces, Parsons, Performance, Platform, Skware, The Maker Table, The Maker A Table, TY;

Tables: Conference: Deci, Elements, Eliga, Paces, Parsons, Performance, Platform, Skware, The Maker Table, The Maker A Table, Vela & Wavelink;

Tables: Classroom | Training: Brattice, Deci, Elements, Eliga, ODIS, Paces, Parsons, Performance, Platform, Rover, Skware, Somet, The Maker Table, The Maker A Table, Tier, TIM, TOD, TY, Uno, Vela & Wavelink;

Tables: Occasional: Curvare, The Maker Table, The Maker A Table
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000561R201/30/2022
VersteelAccessories: Presentation Products: Entourage Wall Board, Looksee, Maker Whiteboard, Table Top Lectern, & Wordplay;

Accessories: Larger Presentation Products: Eliga Cabinet, Entourage Cabinet, Entourage Cart, Entourage Lectern, & Equip
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000562R201/30/2022
VersteelAccessories Categories: Presentation Products: Large and Small

Accessories Descriptions: Eliga Cabinet, Entourage Cabinet, Entourage Cart, Entourage Lectern, Entourage Wall Board, Equip, Looksee, The Maker Whiteboard, Tabletop Lectern & Wordplay

Systems Categories: Panels and Screens

Systems Descriptions: OH! Space Dividers
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000690R101/30/2022
VersteelSeating Categories: Auditorium, Classroom, Guest | Side, Stacking, Task, & Lounge

Seating Descriptions: Checla, OH!, Ollie, Socious, The Maker Bench, The Maker Swivel, & Quanta HD

Tables Categories: Bases | Tops, Adjustable Heights, Cafeteria, Conference, Classroom, Training, & Occasional

Tables Descriptions: Curvare, Elements, ODIS, Rover, The Maker Table, The Maker A Table, Vela, & Wavelink
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000691R101/30/2022
Via, Inc.Backless Stool/ Motion Task Seating: Muvman, Oyo, Spec Stool, Swopper

Lounge: Astro, Chico, Comet, Edge, Luna, Meteor, Orbit, ReGOLA, and Sienna
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000540R408/30/2021
Via, Inc.Executive Seating: Bergen, Carmel, Dyce, Essex, Heathrow, Linate, Oslo Palmer, Vero and Voss (Upholstered)

Guest / Side Seating: Edge, Reset, Splash (Poly and Mesh), Sutro, Vista, Vista II, and Zee
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000541R408/30/2021
Via, Inc.Task Seating: 4U, Brisbane, Brisbane HD, Genie Mesh Back, Proform, Riva-Act II, Run II, Terra, and Voss (Mesh)

Outdoor Steel Lounge: Sierra and Tahoe
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000542R408/30/2021
Via, Inc.Systems Furniture: ReGOLA Screen / PanelLEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3Level-0000543R408/30/2021
Via, Inc.Task Seating: GenieFlexLEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000544R408/30/2021
Via, Inc. Executive Seating: Younique
Task Seating: Younique
Lounge: Nebula
Outdoor Seating: SplashAir
LEVEL® 2US1-BIFMAe3level-0000719R008/30/2021
WielandGuest / Side Seating: Autumn, Hale Metal, Horizon, Kidz, Kindred, Laurelwood, Laurelwood Bench, Link, Mission, and Wedgewood Bench

Occasional Tables: 1030 Solid Wood, 20C Cylinder & Cube, 3600 Molded / Solid Wood, 4500 Solid Wood, 4600 Solid Wood, 50A Solid Wood, Arris Molded Wood, Capital Solid Wood, Cove Solid Wood, E Series MDF, Flow Metal, Kidz Molded Wood, Trace Metal Frame, Trace Molded Wood, and Versant Molded / Solid Wood
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000703R011/09/2021
WielandLounge Seating: Laurelwood, Sauder Oaklok,Trace Metal Waiting, Trace Side, Trace Wood Ottoman, Sauder Unity, and Sauder Vantage

Patient Room Seating: Allay Sleep Sofa, Laurelwood Motion, Plyfold Side, SleepToo®, Trace Metal Ottoman, Wedgewood Motion, Wedgewood Ottoman, and Wedgewood Side
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000704R011/09/2021
WielandLounge Seating: Arris Waiting, Capital, Capital Bench, Cove, Cove Open Wood Arm, Loop, Reflect, Reflect Bench, & Versant

Patient Room Seating: Accord Recliner, Accord Sleep Chair, Arris Recliner, Arris Sleep Chair, Capital Glider, Capital Recliner, Capital Sleep Chair, Cove Recliner, Perk Molded Resin, Versant Glider, Versant Recliner, and Versant Sleep Chair

Guest / Side Seating: Arris Open Wood Arm, Cannon E Product, Capital Easy Access, Capital Open Wood Arm, Flow Metal Frame, and Versant Open Wood Arm
LEVEL® 1US1-BIFMAe3level-0000707R011/09/2021
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