Catastrophic and Climate Event Environmental, Health & Safety Support and Management Plans

As catastrophic and climate events become more common and complex to resolve, associated Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) issues increase in scope and complexity as well. Business continuity issues complicate response to large events, especially when local resources are out of commission. Intertek can help you respond, or support your proactive planning initiatives.

Catastrophic losses – like city-scale or facility-disrupting floods, explosions, spills, and fires - require the expertise of an experienced consultant to navigate the assessment and remediation of hazardous materials and EHS concerns associated with these occurrences. Site and resource accessibility issues are often complicating factors when responding to a large loss, and with the heightened awareness of building occupants to the health impacts of ineffective safety management and exposure to hazardous materials, catastrophic losses require the expertise and insight of an experienced consultant to navigate the assessment and remediation of these occurrences. 

Our experienced EHS experts and engineers can support building occupants, owners, facility and property managers through a full range of indoor and outdoor EHS needs by providing expert scientific and engineering support for assessments, program and remediation scope development, and implementation – all according to the applicable regulatory framework, guidelines, and standards.

Our range of expert services includes:

  • Large-scale hazardous material management and abatement plans
  • Water and mould damage assessments and remediation plans
  • Smoke and fire reside migration assessments and remediation plans
  • Chemical contamination assessments and remediation support and guidance
  • Indoor air quality assessments
  • Spill response and remediation
  • Pre-event site safety and emergency management plans
    … and more

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