New EN71-1/prA2 – Safety of Acoustics Toys

A new draft standard EN71-1/prA2 has been published and under formal vote. It expected to be effective very soon. According to the exposure time from sound-producing toys, they are divided into different categories. New categories for sound- producing toys are also added under this new standard, hence expanding the scope of such toys. 

The Challenge:

New categories of sound producing toys:

  1. Wind toys – toys clearly designed to emit sound when actuated by the blowing action of the child or another person.
  1. Voice toys – toys clearly designed to emit sound by electronically amplifying or distorting the voice and where the output sound level depends on the input sound level of the voice.
  1. Toys that can be confused with a close-to-the-ear toy – toys clearly designed to emit sound having a shape and construction making it easy to confuse with close-to-the-ear-toys.
  1. Percussion toys – toys designed to emit sound when struck with a beater, such as a drumstick, or by the hand.

Since such sound producing toys are not included in EN71-1:2011 acoustics requirements, compliance with the current EN71-1 standard does not mean compliance with the new standard.

The Solution:

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