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What is Performance Testing and how can it help you?

Think of your home as a laboratory. Anything you buy goes through “performance testing” as soon as you use it. Buy a TV remote, lay on the couch, and press the “on” button and you’re testingfunctionality(will it turn the TV on and off?) and durability (will it do this task after bouncing off the floor?) Do the same thing every night for five years until the remote breaks and you will have concluded the remote’s lifecycle test. All three of these tests gauge the ability of the remote control to perform for a certain length of time.

It’s the same with quality testing: Unwrap the remote and run your hands over it. If you notice bumps in the plastic, sharp edges, or the battery cover doesn’t stay on, you’re assessing workmanship. If you notice that you can never find the “mute” button without turning on a light, you’re making an assessment as to its usability. Now, think of all the products you buy … and all the products that need to stand up to the test of everyday use!

These are the types of performance characteristics you can prove via the Quality & Performance Mark certification. And there are many more performance tests Intertek can provide during the product development stages to ensure your new innovation meets market - and customer - expectations.

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