About the QPM Mark

QPM Certification will help you tell the truth about your product and gain a competitive advantage

The Quality & Performance Mark certification consists of up to five tests that measure specific attributes of quality and performance, plus a potential sixth test to judge claims that are unique to an individual product. To be considered for the Mark a manufacturer must have their product tested and validated for at least one of the five attributes. However they have the option of submitting their product for testing in all six areas. 

Choose from five baseline quality tests. Meeting or surpassing the baseline allows you to post the results on advertising, on the web, and in other marketing materials. The five test areas include:

Durability: Evaluates the range of conditions a product can handle and continue to function.
Functionality: Evaluates performance of a product’s main functions & features under normal use.
Life Cycle: Basic function in ideal conditions to a specified end of life (How long it lasts in normal operation).
Usability: Assess ease of use for the intended tasks.
Workmanship: Verify a product’s physical characteristics as indicators of high quality fabrication and handling techniques.

Check/Plus Performance
In addition to the five baseline tests, specific manufacturer claims can also be tested through a sixth test called CheckPlus Performance. Once validated by Intertek, the claims can be described in your advertising, point-of-purchase and on the product and packaging to differentiate the product from competitors.

Once the Quality and Performance Mark is issued, the certification is good for one year; there are no follow up services requirements.



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