Drilling and Completion Fluids Evaluation

Our experienced drilling and completion fluids evaluation team works to provide accurate and objective responses to our clients’ oil and gas fluid challenges.

Drilling and completion fluids evaluation offer an important analysis of the suitability of fluids used to facilitate oil and gas exploration and production.

At the initial exploration stages, drilling fluid is required to add pressure, support the weight of the drill and reduce friction. 

If a well is commissioned, completion fluid is then required for cleansing, enabling the fitting of screen liner, reducing the risk of seepage, maximising flow and generally readying the well for production. 

As each well is unique, matching liquids to individual properties through drilling and completion fluids evaluation is a necessity. 

While the priority is selecting the optimal fluids for the required tasks, ensuring that they will also promote longevity and allow for efficient de-commissioning is ideal, but can introduce further complexities. 

To optimise your decision-making process and plan for future challenges, you need an experienced and reliable drilling and completion fluids evaluation partner. 

Possessing over three decades of experience, we provide a comprehensive range of drilling fluid testing and analysis solutions, as well as rig site assistance for problem wells. 

Routine options include both API and ASTM procedures, such as rheology, fluid-loss characteristics, filtrate ion analysis and solids analysis. 

Among our specialty testing capabilities are high-pressure and high-temperature viscometry, dynamic fluid-loss analysis, x-ray diffraction, formation damage evaluation, shale-fluid interaction analysis and gas hydrate and mud phase behaviour. 

At Intertek, we maintain a leading role in the development of drilling fluid technology through participation in joint research programmes, industry consortia and government-sponsored research. 

We also develop and deliver training in drilling fluid technology, ranging from basic overviews to advanced packages. 

Moving beyond drilling and completion fluids evaluation, we offer a full suite of exploration and production services. 

With our global reach, operating more than 1,000 laboratories across 100 countries, we can deliver the critical support you require in any location worldwide. 

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