Flow Assurance

Flow assurance is an important discipline that aims to ensure the connection between your well and production facility is designed and optimised for continuity.

Guaranteeing flow assurance enables oil and gas operators to achieve the maximum efficiency of their production systems and requires the accurate prediction and management of the pressure and temperature conditions of well bores and pipelines.

Oil and gas production fluids, alongside solids such as sand and scales, are vulnerable to a range of problems. 

Among the flow assurance issues challenging the oil and gas industry are the formation of waxes and paraffins, hydrates and asphaltenes, or combinations of these. 

Corrosion, erosion, slugging and foaming are also potential hindrances to unimpeded flow. In order to ensure the success of their operations and avoid costly downtime and disruption, oil and gas companies must predict and mitigate potential complications. 

Delivering effective flow assurance solutions requires multi-disciplinary expertise, capabilities we at Intertek are renowned for. 

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