Petroleum Geology and Geochemistry

Our petroleum geology and geochemistry solutions offer an inexpensive and reliable method for oil and gas clients to optimise asset development and hydrocarbon management.

Petroleum geology and geochemistry play an important role in oil and gas production as disciplines that generate important data throughout the lifespan of hydrocarbon assets.

The oil and gas production process instigates changes to the environs of hydrocarbons which, in turn, affect their composition. 

Utilising petroleum geology and geochemistry allows for the measurement of compositional changes and detects important variations. In turn, these distinctions can reveal information that is critical to the efficient management of hydrocarbons.

Choosing us to deliver your petroleum geology and geochemistry services will offer you assurance that an experienced and trusted partner is contributing to your business. 

Our petroleum geology and geochemistry services include assessing hydrocarbon generation and accumulation, detecting and evaluating gas and oil shows, predicting hydrocarbon quality distribution, measuring drilling fluid invasion and quantifying drilling fluid contamination.

We can assist you in addressing virtually any challenge involving hydrocarbon fluids throughout all stages of petroleum asset life. Analyses we conduct include:

  • Geological studies 
  • Geochemical studies 
  • Geochemical laboratory testing

Alongside the most sophisticated data analysis tools available in the industry, our geochemistry team uses state-of-the-art, high-resolution techniques to analyse reservoir continuity, fluid sample quality and oil and gas source rock. 

As a global operator with over thirty years of experience, we have built a reputation for providing reliable guidance to oil and gas clients around the world.

Operating 1,000 laboratories across 100 countries, our experts can deliver a full range of exploration and production services where you need them most. 

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