PVT and Reservoir Fluid Phase Behaviour

Our PVT and reservoir fluid phase behaviour studies deliver valuable data to oil and gas organisations and assist them in evaluating and modelling their petroleum reserves.

Pressure, volume temperature (PVT) and reservoir fluid phase behaviour examinations provide important information that enables oil and gas organisations to predict the performance of fluids through all stages of recovery.

Responding to alterations in pressure and temperature once disturbed from their original environs, hydrocarbons undergo transformations during the phases of oil and gas extraction. 

With the yield as priority, it is crucial that organisations anticipate and plan for these production fluid changes. 

Examining routine and advanced PVT and reservoir fluid phase behaviour in detail facilitates this and, in turn, helps to inform successful reservoir modelling and flow assurance. 

Sourcing accurate, high-quality studies of PVT and reservoir fluid phase behaviour is crucial to the smooth running of your operations, so you need a partner you can trust.

At the forefront of delivering timely and reliable exploration and production solutions, we are the ideal provider of your PVT and reservoir fluid phase behaviour services. 

Our expertise in reservoir development allow us to offer you consultation on sampling techniques, global travel to wellsite locations and the efficient gathering of samples, saving you time and transportation costs. 

With over four decades of in the oil and gas industry, we remain at the forefront of providing solutions to exploration and production challenges on a global scale. 

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