Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced oil recovery can maximise extraction as reserves begin to diminish, resulting in prolonged well productivity and increased project lifespan.

Enhanced oil recovery represents a feasible option for oil and gas clients seeking to maximise the yield of their wells, either at the initial stages of production or as reserves begin to diminish.

With the potential to release hydrocarbons that have proved inaccessible using both primary and secondary extraction methods, enhanced oil recovery is a tertiary option that can significantly increase oil yields.

Applying enhanced oil recovery can extend a wells’ productivity and optimise existing operations where conventional processes may only extract less than half of the original reserve.

Planning enhanced oil recovery however, requires a meticulous approach. There are several established methods which can be adopted and a reservoir must be characterised and evaluated to determine which may be the most viable. 

For such a vital project, you need a knowledgeable, experienced partner you can trust.

At Intertek, we are recognised leaders in the field of enhanced oil recovery services. 

We can offer your reservoir engineers a comprehensive suite of studies containing the information required to develop a comprehensive enhanced oil recovery programme. 

Our capabilities include the provision of advanced PVT, full reservoir condition core floods studies using live fluids and EOS modelling and compositional simulation.

Approaches we evaluate comprise miscible, chemical, thermal and microbial enhanced oil recovery, injection gas and reservoir fluid phase behaviour, reservoir conformance, EOS modelling, lab-scale black-oil and compositional simulation. 

Moving beyond enhanced oil recovery as standalone service, we can provide a full range of oil and gas solutions, from reservoir to refinery. 

Work with us to maximise your oil and gas operations and gain assurance that experts with world-class knowledge are adding value to your business.

Operating laboratories and centres of excellence in over 100 countries, our reach ensures that vital solutions are available exactly where you need them.  

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