Corporate Sustainability Certification

Intertek has developed 10 certification standards. Each standard is designed to verify specific corporate sustainability topics. When your organisation becomes certified in all 10 standards, you have achieved Corporate Sustainability Certification.
Organisations need visibility of their complete operations in order to better implement sustainable practices. The Quality & Safety standard provides assurance through management systems certification, risk assessment, internal audits and continual improvement processes. This enables transparency in your operations and manufacturing, allowing you to measure business risk, capacity and capabilities, workplace conditions, product quality and safety, security and environmental sustainability.

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A sustainable business builds resistance through systemic risk management and awareness. The Risk Management standard verifies your organisation’s insurance coverage, risk processes, controls and reporting, in addition to verifying a plan for business continuity and disaster recovery.

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Organisations need to protect the safety and security of people, critical assets and the Intellectual Property (IP) of the company and their suppliers in order to sustain their business. The Enterprise Security standard aims to manage and control IP assets and cyber risk, while protecting data, privacy and physical assets.

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As organisations strive to become more sustainable, they must do business the right way. The Compliance standard will help your organisation verify principles of Ethics & Integrity, through training, monitoring and the accountability and ownership of senior management.

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Organisations have a responsibility to protect the future of the planet. The Environment standard will guide your efforts on how you are contributing toward the fight against climate change, manage your resources, proactively protect and restore ecosystems, reduce waste and ensure you are compliant with current environmental regulations.

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In order to build a sustainable workforce, organisations must ensure they are respecting Human Rights in all aspects of their business. The People & Culture standard will verify you have the systems and processes in place to attract, train and retain the right employees by demonstrating a supportive, transparent and fair company culture.

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Organisations are expected to be good global citizens, which means they need to give back to society on both a local and global level. This standard will monitor your commitment to engage and support local community development through strategies such as job creation, volunteering and education programmes.

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In order to create a sustainable business, you must embed responsibility across the entire organisation. The Governance standard helps you build an accountable and diverse governance structure, while forming more transparent stakeholder engagement and  positive brand reputation through media and crisis response communications.

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Sustainability in business requires integrity of your processes and accounts. The Financial standard helps your organisation understand the interrelationship between financial responsibility and the sustainability, challenging the organisation to evaluate their business financial practices, including robust financial planning, monitoring of performance against planned outcomes and ensuring the sustainability of the business at every phase of short- and long-term business planning and execution.

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Transparency with all stakeholders is a necessary step in the journey to Total Sustainability. The Communications & Disclosures standard defines metrics, internal and external communications procedures for maintaining external transparency.

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