CPhI Worldwide 2021 Event: Connect with Intertek team

During CPhI Worldwide 2021 online conference, our pharmaceutical contract services team will highlight our latest pharmaceutical support services for product development and manufacturing in our virtual booth.

CPI Worldwide 2021 will provide an opportunity for you to discuss your challenges related to the critical stages of development, chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC), marketing authorization, and GMP manufacturing with our outsourcing experts.
We provide a range of laboratory services: analysis, bioanalysis, method development and validation, formulation, ICH stability programs, impurity analysis, QC and release testing, auditing and regulatory consultancy services to support your organization.
Find out more about our specialist expertise in: inhalation drug product development, biopharmaceutical characterisation, potency and immunogenicity testing and extractables /leachables studies.

When: 25 Oct - 19 Nov 2021

Online Conference & Networking

To review your outsourcing plans for the coming year and beyond for either individual projects, or contracts covering long term relationships, please book a meeting with our Intertek Pharmaceutical Services team. We offer a flexible set of contract types which can be applied to your needs. During the CPhI Worldwide 2021 event, you can find out about some of our specialist capabilities or discuss specific projects that you would like to get started. 


Learning never stops in the world of pharma. Join our Learning Lab webinar session at CPhI Worldwide 2021 on 'Top 4 Steps to a Perfect Outsourcing Partnership', November 2nd.

Not attending CPhI? You can request the presentation here, we will send it to you after the conference.


Learn more about our Biopharmaceutical Services Center of Excellence. 
An additional 14,000 ft laboratory space has been developed at Intertek’s centre of excellence for biopharmaceutical services, launched in 2020.



WEBINAR RECORDING: Analytical Approaches for Gene Therapy Delivery Technologies 
WEBINAR RECORDING: Advanced analytical techniques for the testing of generic OINDPs 
WEBINAR RECORDING: Evolution of a Cell-based Assay 
WHITE PAPER DOWNLOAD: Pharmaceutical Stability Contingency Storage and Disaster Recovery 
WHITE PAPER DOWNLOAD: Analytical Strategies for Quality Control of Oligonucleotide Therapeutics


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