Soil and Environmental Analysis for Pharmaceutical Contamination

Analysis of soil, land, plant, ground water and swabs to determine levels of pharmaceutical residues, supporting contamination studies and land remediation

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) entering the environment via effluent from manufacturing facilities either during operation or during decommissioning can pose a significant concern. 

Our analysts support the construction and land remediation industry through analysis services focused on developing appropriate analytical methods which determine levels of APIs in soil and other environmental sample types. We have extensive experience in developing specific and cost effective methods for determining trace levels of multi-analytes within a set of samples which can reduce the overall cost of the work package for our clients. Bringing quality and safety to life, we offer Total Quality Assurance expertise to help you to meet and exceed quality, safety and regulatory standards.

Land Remediation Pharmaceutical Analysis:

  • Develop and validate appropriate methods for trace levels of API or intermediates within the required sample matrix
  • Critical aspects to be determined are LOD, LOQ, precision, linearity, selectivity, recovery-spiking, consistency of recovery

Pharmaceutical APIs analysis in environmental samples:

  • Soil and other organic matter
  • Building waste materials including concrete, brick, plaster etc.
  • Swabs taken from within a manufacturing plant (we can advise as to type of swabs to use and sampling methodology)
  • Ground water and water supplies

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