Laboratory Benchmarking, Consulting and Evaluation

Laboratory consulting, benchmarking, and evaluation studies.

Intertek objectively measures and evaluates laboratory efficiencies for clients. Intertek laboratory productivity and measurement consultants evaluate the client's laboratory infrastructure and apply benchmarking criteria. The application of proven methodologies in a laboratory benchmarking study assures our clients they will have the right information to make intelligent decisions.

Depending upon circumstances, corporate and individual owners of laboratories may well consider outsourcing or transfering the analytical testing and laboratory functions to Intertek. An important first step in such an evaluation is the laboratory benchmarking process.

Laboratory benchmarking performance evaluation:

Laboratory performance evaluation solutions begin with a benchmarking study for the laboratory services measurement supply chain. Intertek applies laboratory evaluation metrics to analyze and benchmark the internal laboratory performance, from productivity to quality.

Intertek is the world's leading laboratory outsourcing and analytical services company, operating commercial laboratories worldwide in the chemical, petroleum pharmaceutical, food, consumer and related industries. Significant laboratory operation expertise resides in the company. These experts audit, measure and evaluate laboratory operations with a keen eye on quality, efficiency and productivity.

Lab benchmarking measures by Intertek experts:   

  • Laboratory ROI
  • Laboratory unit costs
  • Laboratory productivity and efficiency 
  • Laboratory quality and customer service
  • Laboratory reliability
  • Laboratory technology
  • Resident in-house expertise
  • Potential for 3rd party testing work  

Intertek has a proven track record in providing laboratory outsourcing solutions on a global basis, with successful lab projects completed with Air Products, DSM, Halliburton, Rolls-Royce, Avecia, Unilever, Citgo, Shell, BP, BASF, ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, holding companies, private individuals, national government institutions, and many others. Intertek has developed a full spectrum of management models tailored to fit particular client's needs.

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