Ontrack Baseline Learning

Prioritized, Targeted and Relevant.

Ontrack’s “Learning Centre”, provides a dynamic learning experience that matches the changing needs of your business and gives you the control to keep everyone on track. Guide users through their learning with prioritized learning paths to streamline their speed to competency.

Key features of the training tools:

Prioritized Learning
Organize and update on a regular basis to accommodate operational changes.
Targeted Learning
Increase speed to competency by filtering training based on operational and regional differences (e.g. menu items, equipment, location type).
Peer Benchmarking
Engage learners to compete and be recognized for exceptional results.
Enable learning through trial and error in a controlled and interactive environment with gamification (i.e. product builds and customer interactions).
Acknowledge training milestones to encourage peer competition and recognize top performers.
Learner Competency Reports
Expose learner strengths and weaknesses with easy to use learner reports that will help your whole team stay Ontrack
Hands on Training Support
Guide trainers as they onboard a new employee and provide a line of sight to results at every level of the organization.
Resource Library
Retrieve and/or link to additional training materials (i.e. manuals, build charts, etc.) from one centralized location.
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