Well Control Training Resources

The following Total Quality Assurance reference documents and practice exams will help you prepare for your Well Control training exams and help you understand the topics presented in our Well Control courses. Many students find it helpful to work through some of the exercises prior to attending the course to determine where they may need specific help.

The documents are grouped by the certification you are seeking – IADC or IWCF. We have also provided generic pre-work below for Rig Math and Simulator questions.



The Basics





Well Control Problems

While circulating a gas kick out during the first circulation of the Drillers Method, what will happen to bottom hole pressure if the casing pressure is held constant?

        a.  Increase

        b.  Decrease

        c.  Stay the same

Useful Formulas

What is a unit of gas?   Do you know the formulas used to calculate the quantity or concentration of gas in the wellbore (both domestic and international conversion)? 


International Conversion  

1 unit of gas = 100 parts per million (ppm) = 0.01 % equivalent methane in air (EMA)

Domestic Conversion

1 unit of gas = 50 parts per million (ppm) = 0.005% equivalent methane in air (EMA)
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