Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) Interpretation

With the knowledge gained from our piping and instrumentation diagram interpretation course, participants will learn to read schematics, use them in identifying problems and learn how to include them in reporting rig control problems.

Market Challenge
Many Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) Interpretation courses on the market are university-level courses that lack focus on real-world application of skills.  Given this, most courses do not have the appropriate approach to instruction in order for participants to gain and retain the needed competencies to bring back and apply on the job.

The content of Intertek’s Total Quality Assurance USA Offshore – Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) Interpretation courses features a mix of classroom instruction and lab exercises.  Because there is an emphasis on hands-on activities, this course provides more practical experience than typical university-level courses. As an added benefit, students receive reference materials to take with them after the course.  Classes maintain an effective instructor-to-student and equipment-to-student ratio to ensure effective interaction and time with the equipment.

The course is led by an engineer with approximately 40% of the time in classroom lecture and 60% of the time spent on lab exercises with electronic media. During lab sessions, the classroom training is reinforced by practicing techniques on electronic tablets featuring actual drilling equipment.

Course Length
5 Days

Learning Objectives
The participants of our P&ID interpretation course will learn or refresh their ability to read and understand drawings, schematics and symbols. They will also learn to use drawings and schematics to diagnose and rectify equipment faults, and create a simple schematic of their own. Students will be tested for subject knowledge at the start and end of the course.  To demonstrate competence, students will be required to use a BOP control system schematic to troubleshoot a simulated control system problem.

Who Should Attend

  • Rig supervisors, company men and others working in the drilling industry that would benefit from a refresher course in drawings, schematics and control systems.  A large part of the downtime experienced in drilling is associated with controls.  This course provides knowledge and skills to address this problem.
  • Rig mechanics, subsea engineers and senior subsea engineers who are involved in troubleshooting control system problems.  This training will improve their ability to diagnose and resolve problems in this area.
  • Rig floor and deck hands who want to improve their skills.
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