Knowledge Retention – Concept Reinforcement Tool™ (CRT™)

Intertek’s web-based and mobile CRT™ application increases knowledge retention by providing training reinforcement through a proactive, automated toolbox.

Organizations spend a tremendous amount of time and money providing their employees with key knowledge concepts through training workshops.  However, much of the content covered and knowledge gained in these workshops are not adequately retained or transferred to the job site by the team.  This ongoing challenge affects the ROI of your training programs and increases costs associated with retraining and diminished operational performance.

Intertek’s Concept Reinforcement Tool™ (CRT™) is a Total Quality Assurance application solution that directly responds to the challenges of ‘knowledge retention’ and ‘training reinforcement’. The CRT application, through customized modules, is designed to provide management the ability to reinforce the concepts presented in training sessions by empowering supervisors to continually apply desired knowledge and behaviors to real work situations with their crews at the job site.
The Intertek CRT application is web-based and accessible on PC, Mac, smartphone, and tablet.
How it works:
Within the CRT application, discussion points are created to reinforce key learning objectives and behavior-based actions that management expects employees to demonstrate on the job site.  supervisors are guided through the application’s modules to interactively discuss desired concepts, demonstrate desired behaviors themselves, and conduct targeted observations of employees to measure and track the desired behavior through the team.
Intertek Concept Reinforcement Tool impacts:

  • Knowledge retention
  • Training reinforcement
  • On-the-job application of knowledge
  • Accountability
  • Real-time team influence

Monthly reporting:

  • Monthly reports for Executive Management
  • Identifies areas of strength/weakness for each region / division / location / office
  • Trend analysis
  • Assessment of what is working and recommendations for ways to validate and reward the desired behavior and culture
  • Enable comparisons of groups by region / division / location / office 

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